3 reasons why I decided to blog in English

DSC_0555-001After many considerations, I finally decided to start blogging in English. This idea was going through my mind for a few months and finally I arrived to the conclusion: now or never. However, Lithuanian language is very beautiful and I like writing in it, so it‘s a bit sad that I have to give it away.

  1. English skills. Sometimes I find myself wondering, how to write such a simple words as „tomorrow“. Should it be with double m, or – r? Or which tense should be used in some particular sentence. Due to the fact that I am using English only orally, I am starting to forget a lot about it day by day. Funny, because I am working as an English teacher in India. Moreover, nowadays technologies are fixing automatically all our mistakes and doesn’t help to improve at all.
  2. Wider audience. I would like to share my travelling experience with international friends who are eager to see what I am writing. Also I am looking forward to reach readers not only from Lithuania, but from all over the world. Further, this would give me a chance to communicate with other bloggers and maybe create new adventures.
  3. Future prospect. I am planning to adopt a new design and domain for Road is Endless. I am still too lazy to do that, but I know that sooner or later it should be done, because I would like to have a wider range of technical abilities and more appealing design.

I hope that this new change won‘t repel my readers from Lithuania and won‘t cause you any discomfort. As for me, at the beginning I‘ll have to invest more time, than I invested writing in Lithuanian  and I am pretty sure it will be really hard. So please be tolerant for my poor English skills and stay tuned.