7 tips how to survive in India

DSC_0015If I told you, that India is totally different from Western countries – it wouldn’t surprise anyone. Sometimes this country is shocking, sometimes it’s fascinating or scary and even ugly. You have to prepare, in order to survive here.

1. Water
It is very polluted, so if you don’t want to get any diseases or allergies you have to buy it in a shop. In many places water from the tap has an unpleasant smell or some impurities. We don’t brush our teeth with it and Aiste washes her face only with bought water, otherwise she gets a rash.

2. Respirator
According to WHO, 10 out of 20 world’s most polluted cities are in India. Streets in Hyderabad that has most traffic are covered with visible smog. Strangely, but we saw only few people, who uses a respirator and probably that’s why it’s really hard to find one to buy. We have visited five pharmacies until we found one, so get it before coming here.


3. Hygienic tissues or hand sanitizer
You have to pay much more attention to your hygiene here, than anywhere else. In many places to eat there is no soap or where to wash your hands. Believe me you don’t want to start eating after using Indian’s public transport or interacting with people.

4. Medicine
Many people instead of enjoying their time in India, spend first of their days in toilet. Before coming here I strongly recommend to buy some medicine from diarrhoea or stomach ache. This is my second month in India and from time to time after having local food I have some problems. It’s nothing serious, but better to be prepared.

5. Vaccines
There are no obligatory vaccines you have to get, although, there are few recommended ones. We took vaccines from Hepatitis A+B and typhoid. Some people don‘t take any, so it‘s up to you.

2014-09-28 13.41.546. Spicy food
As you all now most of the local food is very spicy. Sometimes it’s so spicy, that you don’t feel any taste of the meal and your mouth is burning. We always ask, which of the meals is least spicy and that ‘least’ always seems to be a killer. The best way to order something is to be with some local people who can tell you more about their cuisine. If you don’t have anyone – you will have to ask the waiter and hope for the best.

7. Toilets
You won’t be able to find any toilet paper in public places. Instead of it locals use water and their hand. I still don’t have enough courage to try that. However, you can buy toilet paper in most of the supermarkets though it is quite expensive.