Animals in India: wandering in the streets and searching for food in garbage

DSC_0418As I love animals very much, I couldn‘t resist to write about them. Dogs, cows, pigs, goats and other creatures usually just wander in the streets on their own. There is a lot of garbage everywhere as people just throw them without the slightest compuction. On every corner you can see piles and piles of trash, until one day someone burns them and increase pollution. These piles attract many starving animals who search for food.

You can see cows and dogs grubbing around thrash trying to find at least the smallest bite of food. I read that India has a lot of problems controlling very high population of dogs. Basically, everythere you go, you will definetely meet few dogs just lumping along the road or lying in the shadow. They look hungry and weak. I think there is an institution, who catches and sterilizes them, but it doesn‘t look that it would give any significant result.


On our way to work we used to see two little puppies that looked very poorly and sad, so we were giving them food every morning. Unfortunately, after a week they dissapeared. Dog as a pet is not a very common thing in Hyderabad, though I saw few dogs with their masters.

DSC_0424 DSC_0426

In hinduism cow is believed to be sacred. Is it only me who thinks that, if you believe in something sacred – you want to take care of it. However, most of the time when I see cows in my neighbourhood they are very dirty and wandering in the piles of trash. Today we saw two little calves who were tied up to the tree and seemed very weak. It looks like that indians need special festivals and celebrations in order to prove that something is special for them. In they daily lives most of them don‘t care about anything. These words maybe harsh, but the things I see everyday are beyond my comprehension.


Moreover, there are a lot of pigs in our neighbourhood, though I am not quite sure what are they doing here as all indians are vegetarians. On the other hand, if someone is having them for a meat, I don‘t understand how could one eat them as they spent all their days munching junk.

Before coming to India I was simply thinking that people in poor countries treat animals with kindness, especially if some of them are believed to be sacred. I was wrong. Nobody cares about animals here and how they live. My only hope is that in the future animals will have a better life, but this ain‘t going to happen very soon.