Annoying people in the zoo

DSC_0576Last week was the first time I wrote only one blog post about India. Apart from the blog I copywrite to earn additional cash, so sometimes it feels that there is too much writing in my life and I want to rest at least for a few days by not doing anything. Also, when I come back from the school I just want to relax, read a book or watch a movie and writing a blog sometimes becomes very compulsory. Anyway, here I am again. 

On weekend we went to Hyderabad zoo. They have a variety of species: monkeys, elephants, giraffes, white tiger and so on. The territory is quite big and animals have enough space to live, comparing with the zoo in my hometown Kaunas, Lithuania. So overall impression was quite good.

But again the people made everything worse. It was not only too much of them, but also their reaction was the same as in Golconda fort. People were staring at us, asking to take photos together, or even photographing us secretly. Some of them were very rude and just took pictures up close with bold look in their faces.


All the time in the zoo we couldn‘t relax, because they were just coming and coming with their cameras. Instead of saying „no“ I started to ask „Do I look like a monkey?“ I doubt that they understood my point. Most of these people were dressed with good clothes and had expensive smartphones. I was swearing silently and wanted to put them all in the cages instead of animals.

I can understand that maybe they don‘t see a lot of white people here, but this kind of behaviour is indefensible. This makes me think about my lovely Europe, where you can stay invisible. Maybe I am the problem because I am not able to laugh off everything and just accept that they are different. Most of the nice people I met in Hyderabad are from our school and the others are just one big dissappointment.


You can find a lot of spelling mistakes everythere

You can find a lot of spelling mistakes everythere

It‘s not very easy to live in this city. You can‘t just go for a walk or cycle around. Everyone is horning, there are no pavements and a lot of dust and pollution, so you don‘t want to be close to any of the roads. Of course there are some parks in the city center, but it‘s far from our home and we go there only on weekends. During the work days we are trapped in our small room. There are not many places for sightseeing also: the truth is tourists don‘t go to this city. India has much more to offer. Was I expecting all this before coming? I guess not. Naive.