Back into the village


The first week after coming back from the trip was not as I expected it would be. I was hoping to have loads of energy and motivation to continue my volunteering in Latinovac, but instead of that I was feeling down. Well, actually lots of people feel depressed after vacation, but, dude, I came back not to some boring 8-5 job, but to the place I really like – what a heck?   

So I spent a lot of time reading, writing or just watching movies. After long periods with people, I always need some time alone to refresh myself. Also, I had a lot of annoying thoughts, what to do with my life and where to go after Croatia. But soon I overcame all of that and slowly things got better.

It’s more than 3 weeks now since I came back to Latinovac and it feels like my trip was hundred years ago. During this time, we once again had drumming lessons, participated in village feast, that  included eating non-stop all kind of meat, spent significant time in the forest cutting wood and building fence, had a workshop about painting on roof tiles, learned about permaculture and  participated in festival in Pozega. This what popped in my head, then I have thought about last weeks.


We also had some elements of soap opera as volunteers split into two opposing groups. That caused a lot of bad emotions to everyone. Luckily, one of the “heroes” of this tension was sent home and peace came back to our community.

The weather is still hot sometimes, but we are slowly stepping into the autumn. There were some cloudy and rainy days which I really liked. My summer that I experienced in a few different countries is lasting for more than 15 months now and I really missed some chilly weather. Probably Lithuanian woke up inside of me.

I managed to gain some weight while eating mostly vegetarian. Still, don’t have an idea, how could that happen.

Positive things:
Ivan’s permaculture education
Lauma’s mayonnaise
Ernesta’s pies
Kremi was kicked out
stick/pillow/tickle and all other fights with Arnel, Mafalda, Ernesta and Lauma
E. M. Remarque “Three friends”

Negative things:
Lithuania basketball team
it gets dark at 8 p.m.
our laziness in the evenings