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Kerala (IV): happy days in the beach

DSC_0463We arrive to Kovallam in the evening and the first thing we do is going to see the Arabian sea in darkness. There are many bars and restaurants along the sea shore that light our path, separating nature and civilization. I order a burger in a local bar called „Beatles“ while a lazy cat comes to us and falls asleep on my knees.  Continue reading

Kerala (II): riding with elephants and feeding monkeys

DSC_0097Kerala is called – a green state of India and that is not surprising at all. There are palm trees growing on every corner and a vast variety of other plants. Places that is not touched by human intervention looks like a small jungle here. As a person from North Europe I admire coconuts and bananas growing in every yard. Funny, because people from Asia admire apple trees growing in our gardens. Moreover, before coming here I didn‘t know that there are so many species of bananas and they all have a different taste. Continue reading

Kerala (I): Christmas trip to Kochi

DSC_0696Christmas is all about being with my family and friends – and a little bit about all that delicious food. However, this year was totally different. I was with 7 other foreigners in an 18-hour-drive-bus to Kerala. Worth to mention that my Christmas dinner was a banana, potato chips and almost no liquids as our bus hardly ever stopped for bathroom breaks. But let’s start from the beginning… Continue reading

My travels in 2014

DSC_0601As the year is going to an end, it’s time to sum up what happened to me during those 365 days. In 2014 I reached a breaking point: I understood what I want to do and where I want to be. It didn’t happened in one day – I spent many hours of contemplating whether I should seek for career and be like everybody else or try to live life as I feel that it should be lived – by traveling. Continue reading