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EVS in Croatia – final remarks


I ended up in Latinovac by accident: I was already looking for volunteering opportunities in the Balkans and wanted to leave Lithuania as soon as possible, then one day I jumped into an advertisement on Facebook that brought me to Croatia. Now after 5 months my EVS is over and I’m trying to answer myself a question, what did I learn there.   Continue reading

I love you Sarajevo

2015-09-12 18.46.59

Within 5 minutes no car passed in Latinovac and I realized that this is not the best place to hitchhike. I walked 3 kilometres to the next village and soon I caught a ride to Slavonski Brod. Hitchhiking is the best way to get out of our village as there are only few buses during the day, you have to change them, ride in circles and waste a lot of time.    Continue reading

Back into the village


The first week after coming back from the trip was not as I expected it would be. I was hoping to have loads of energy and motivation to continue my volunteering in Latinovac, but instead of that I was feeling down. Well, actually lots of people feel depressed after vacation, but, dude, I came back not to some boring 8-5 job, but to the place I really like – what a heck?    Continue reading

Montenegro: hitchhiking, sleeping in the cemetery and dozens of tourists


We woke up in the morning next to a lake in Serbia, swam, had breakfast and headed to the road. It was time to say goodbye to Serbia and explore Montenegro. So we randomly picked Žabljak, a little town next to Durmitor national park as our next destination and agreed to meet in the post office. This time we switched teams and I was hitchhiking with Rasa.  Continue reading