Daily stories from India

DSC_0506As always, we were surrounded by auto rickshaw drivers and in few moments we agreed about the price with one of them. When we started to move to his auto rickshaw, another driver shouted that he could drive us cheaper. He made a mistake because after his announcement our driver punched him in the face and made him go away. 

A motorcycle driver run into a man on the street and drove away instantly without even turning back. People helped that man to get up, fortunately he seemed well.

Our bus driver hit a truck on our way to school. Nothing serious happened to both vehicles, just some scratches. The truck driver was very mad, he came to the bus driver and started to shout at him and swear. After few minutes he just drove away.

A man was walking his dog when a homeless dog came to them. In order to scare the other dog he threw a stone at it..

It should be "Do not urinate here". Maybe that's why this sign doesn't work.

It should be “Do not urinate here”. Maybe that’s why this sign doesn’t work.

Before boarding the vehicle we always make an agreement about the price with an auto rickshaw driver. This time the driver changed his mind just on the way to our destination. When we arrived I tried to give him the money that we agreed before, but he shouted that we should give more and gave them back. We started to shout back at him, put the money into his hand and walked away while he continued to swear madly.

An auto rickshaw drivers usually want to drive as close as possible in order to suggest his service. One of them almost run into us and Aiste punched his front glass angrily. His face twisted with rage and he started to shout like it was us who did something bad.

In the morning all the streets are filled with water, because indians are washing their front yard. Some of them sweep the garbage that are close to their house and set them on fire.


“One photo, brother”, – says a random stranger to me and tries to hug my shoulder. “I am not your brother”, – I answer to him and walk away.

A little mouse was caught into a glue trap and started to scream. These traps are very popular in India and it can take several hours for an animal to die. So I tried to save the mouse. Even thou, after few minutes I finally managed to free the mouse, unfortunately, it was all covered with glue and died soon.