Finally I got some meat!

DSC_0554From time to time we are trying to visit some public park and so far we made only one successful attempt out of three. You cannot go to a park in Hyderabad at any time you like as you can in Lithuania. That‘s quite reasonable way to prevent from boozers or beggers and it‘s obtained in many countries. What is strange here are the opening hours: from 6 to 12 in the morning and from 4 pm till late evening during all week. So if you want to visit a park in the middle of the day – you can forget that.

The entrance fee is usually from 5 to 10 rupees and it probably helps to prevent from all the beggars who would go inside. There are always few of them flocking near the entrance. The last park we tried to get in was Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park. I don’t know why, but they didn’t allowed us to take our cameras inside. The person who was responsible for checking the tickets said, that these are the rules and he cannot do anything. What is strange, they didn’t say anything about mobile phones, who all have cameras. So as you can guess, we had to find another entertainments that day.

Local predator

Local predator

After one and a half month of vegetarian diet we finally tasted some meat. We went to a local steak house, where we had some beef that was quite good actually. There were not so much potatoes and salads as we are used in our country, but meat was good, so I could live with that. The cost of the stake was 550 rupees (7 euros). So in India’s standards it’s quite expensive.

DSC_0547After the dinner we went to watch a movie “Gone girl”. During our volunteering in Portugal Aistė read a book, which the movie was based on, so she was eager to see it. As always cinema‘s security forced me to leave a backpack in the depository. So in order to get back my bag after the movie I had to climb down to a parking lot, go threw all security posts and climb again to the third floor. This is the most stupid experience I had so far in India.

Movie ended about 10 pm and we went to a bus stop. There were about thirty people lying on the pavement and sleeping. All they had was a cardboard under their bodies and a blanket. It was not very cosy to stand there, even though they didn’t tried to have any interaction with us. India made me realize how lucky most of the people in the Western countries are. Even if they don’t have a lot of money, they are not forced to sleep in the streets without any opportunities to change their lives. So appreciate what you have.