How we left one job and started another

DSC_0138Bad things always come to the end – as our internship in the first school. Nobody there showed any effort to make our teaching conditions more appropriate, so we left the job. With the help of several amazing and good people we found a new internship in Hyderabad and moved to another part of the city. 10 days ago we joined Niraj International School’s team.  

New school is like heaven compared with our previous one. It has great facilities including well equipped, music, art, dance and sports classroom. It even has a swimming pool! On the other hand we have diverse and interesting curriculum. Karolis is teaching basketball, music and working with schools’ website and other media and I am teaching arts, communication, drama, helping with children’s reading skills and also media and school admissions.

My days are usually very hectic and I have to concentrate on a lot of different topics while Karolis spends most of his time playing basketball with the students. Sometimes I feel envious of his relaxed schedule but as soon as I see him all sweaty after the practice I realize that’s not for me. I believe all our responsibilities are divided in a very good order as they reflect on us as personalities.

White man can't jump xD

White man can’t jump xD

From the minute we step in Niraj School we felt welcome there. Everyone is not only very polite and friendly but also willing to make our experience nice and valuable. All people in charge try to help us with the curriculum as much as they can. I already learn some new methodologies such as how to make children curious about a topic and encourage them to seek for more information and ask questions. This school is not only focused on academics but also to child’s development as an individual.


Even thou, we live far away from school this is not a problem as the school picks us with their bus each morning and driving us back home each day. Usually the ride to one side takes about 45min and I cannot resist the temptation to have a small extra nap. Moreover, we get breakfast and lunch in the school and it is adapted to our European needs. However, each day we try to taste some Indian food – when it’s not too spicy.


Although, this new job has more responsibilities and I feel a lot of stress trying to do my best in it, I feel more than happy to be here. And the best award is the smiles of my students when they shout “Labas, Aiste, Ma’am” to me and are eager to get more knowledge. Finally I am having a real AIESEC internship full of challenges and cultural experience. Now a future goal is to get a social life in Hyderabad.

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