I love you Sarajevo

2015-09-12 18.46.59

Within 5 minutes no car passed in Latinovac and I realized that this is not the best place to hitchhike. I walked 3 kilometres to the next village and soon I caught a ride to Slavonski Brod. Hitchhiking is the best way to get out of our village as there are only few buses during the day, you have to change them, ride in circles and waste a lot of time.   

I bought a ticket in the first bus that was going to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I needed to change buses in Zenica to go to Sarajevo, but the thing is I didn‘t have any Bosnian marks. I started to talk with one guy and he accompanied me to the city centre, where I exchanged money.

„I would be so scared to go alone to another country if I don‘t know the language, – he said to me and for a moment I wondered, if I‘m really doing something special, – And you don‘t even have our currency. How would you find a city centre if you haven‘t met me?“

„When you need people, they always appear“, – I answered him before waving goodbye.

I jumped into a tram in Sarajevo, didn‘t know where to leave, so I just trusted my intuition and get off just next to the city centre. I went into the first random hostel I saw and managed to cut down few Euros.

Sarajevo is a mix of different cultures: you can see mosques and buildings from the times of Ottoman empire, which actually found the city in XV century, also the heritage of ex-Yugoslavia and Austro-Hungarian period.

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The city is surrounded by mountains, it is especially visible from Yellow Fortress, which offers a nice panorama of the oldtown. The guy I mentioned before, asked what will I do in Sarajevo, because it‘s so boring. But on contrary I found it to be really interesting from the first moments.

Next day, I took a free walking tour around the city. So now I know, how Gavrilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand and caused World War I as well as about the preparations for winter Olympics in 1984 and the latest war in 1992-1995. The marks of explosions are still left on many buildings. In the places, where three or more people died, the explosion marks are coloured in red. It is called Sarajevo roses. You can find them all around the city.

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It may be a surprise for foreigners, Bosnia and Herzegovina has three presidents that represent different ethnic groups of the country: Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks.

I also visited Srebrenica gallery which is dedicated to Bosnian genocide in 1995. As one Irish guy from my hostel summed up his day: „It was a lot of war and killings to face. Tomorrow I need something more relaxing“.

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After two days in Sarajevo, I went to Mostar. It was much more crowded and from the very first moments I felt it was not my place. It didn‘t leave such a big impression as Sarajevo – maybe I should have visited Mostar in the first place. There is a XVI century Ottoman bridge in the old town, which is the major attraction of the city. It‘s nice, but not very impressive for me. Some locals were walking on the bridge and collecting money for the jump. The bridge is really high so many tourists couldn‘t resist to see this.

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As I didn‘t feel attached to Mostar, next day I left it and came back to Sarajevo. Most of the things I saw that day I have already seen before. I love to explore the cities and when come back to the places I liked the most.