Is it worth to visit Taj Mahal?


To be honest, I‘m not a fan of major tourist spots where you have to stand in a longest queue just to get a picture in front of a famous monument. So it‘s not a big surprise that Taj Mahal wasn‘t on my travel bucket list while I was backpacking through India. As you probably know plans could change very easily.

First impression

So here I was standing next to the gates of Taj Mahal at 6 a.m. with a bunch of other people. Later the people were floating like a stream. Most of them were Indians as ticket for them cost only 20 rupees and 750 – for foreigners.

Taj is surrounded by a big park with fountains and trees. Not all fountains were working and those who worked clearly needed more maintenance. In order to get inside the mausoleum one needs to wear some stockings on their shoes. There were dustbins next to the exit to throw them out after a visit, but I saw a lot of them just rolling on the ground. India is India.


So how about the Taj?

Taj was simply amazing. I never thought I will like a building so much as I’m always more fascinated with nature. But this one is really impressive. After visiting inside I spent two hours just sitting on the ground and admiring the architecture. Moreover, I felt quite comfortable as not many people asked for a photo or stared at me. Believe me, this is a big thing in India.

What’s next?

Agra has more to offer than Taj Mahal. We took an autorickshaw tour around and visited Agra fort and Baby Taj, which I also strongly recommend. Driver also showed us the back side of Taj Mahal, where you can see it from a distance to have an overall view of all the area.

Baby Taj

Baby Taj

Agra Fort

Agra Fort

So was it worth it?

Definitely as you can see all the major tourist attractions in Agra in one day and travel further. The city itself is not worth to stay any longer.