It‘s funny how things happen at the particular times


Looks like my first blog post about Croatia was read by most of the volunteers. The feeling is quite weird. Writing is a form of public nudity and it takes time to get use to be vulnerable. Anyway, it‘s a good feeling and I‘m happy to blog. 

We have a garden at home in Lithuania, but I never was interested in maintainting it. Few years ago I thought that living in the village and looking after vegetables is not for me. It‘s funny how things happen at the particular times. My host Kruno gave me some land and I planted some tomatoes, cabbages and paprikas. Every evening I cycle home to water my little garden. After preparing the land I realized, how much effort you have to put in order to have something on your table. And I just started. Hopefully, my plants will grow and soon I can show you some results.


My tomatoes

My tomatoes

As I‘m started to talk about my first times – it was the first time I baked bread. Actually, to make a bread is a part of our daily routine. Everyday another person is stepping into baker‘s shoes as everyone can easily learn how to do it. Even me.

I also started to take care after eko center Facebook page, so if you‘re interested to know more about our life – please Like. I will be working with a website as well. It‘s nice that I can combine physical work with mental.

Candido, Remi, Ernesta, Ines and me did some hiking in the nearby forest, where we found a nice cave. We also got a little bit lost and it added us a about 15 additional kilometres, with 35 in total. I didn’t mind that as I wanted to do a longer distance from the beginning. I realized that the last time I hiked was in Nepal. 4 months passed since that time!

Lithuania and Portugal united

Lithuania and Portugal united

It’s more than two weeks as I’m in Latinovac and a lot of things have changed inside me and in other people around me. At first, everything is interesting: new people, new place and experiences. After that, you adjust to your new life and start to live in some kind of routine. You realize that you like some people more than others, you don’t want to stay late every evening as getting rest become more important.

The dynamics of our group is changing – it happens everywhere and it’s completely normal. We are not so enthusiastic to spend every minute with each other. Also it’s very challenging part as after this ‘honey moon’ phase you start to see the world more objectively and have to put some effort to find a balance between work, leisure and all the people you’re surrounded.

As I write this, it somehow sounds quite gloomy, but I don’t feel that way. Actually, I think everything is just getting better, fall into its places and I’m where, I want to be.

Best regards to my volunteering gang!