Kerala (IV): happy days in the beach

DSC_0463We arrive to Kovallam in the evening and the first thing we do is going to see the Arabian sea in darkness. There are many bars and restaurants along the sea shore that light our path, separating nature and civilization. I order a burger in a local bar called „Beatles“ while a lazy cat comes to us and falls asleep on my knees. 

You won‘t esacape Indian men

Most of the people in Kovallam are foreigners and everything is quite different from the India, we got used to. The streets are cleaner, meals in the restaurants are not so spicy and most of the locals speak English fluently.

Foreigners are sunbathing in their bikinies while Indian women are swimming with covered bodies. Everyday I see a lot of Indian men, mostly in their twenties, wandering around the beach and staring at women. They do it quite openly with a prurient look in their faces. While talking about immoral West and being proud of their conservative and puritanical society, India in fact is not moral at all.

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We spend our day just laying in the beach and the next thing we know – our skin is red from sunburn. The waves are big and the sea is very warm – I just don‘t want to get out. Next day I find another beach which is much smaller and with less people. It has some nice cliffs also and I go to climb them, until the baywacher comes to me, points to the sky and asks, if I want to go to God.

DSC_0480New Years

There is a big lighthouse on the shore and during the day you can go to the top. The views is so beautiful: blue sea, palm trees and sand. Our hotel is just 200 metres from sea and we always have to pass a lot of stalls with local goods. Sellers are trying to start a conversation with us and invites to come and look around. There are people standing next to restaurants, greeting everybody and trying to drag customers inside. And it’s the same in all the beach area which I find annoying as I don’t want to be disturbed. Most of the time me and Aistė spend together, rarely with other seven people that we came here. Some of them are just not my type of people and I guess I am too old to pretend and make fake smiles.

On New Years eve the beach becomes very crowded, because many Indians come to celebrate in Kovallam. Most of them are men and surprisingly – middle aged. They hang around like a bunch of teenagers and stare to every foreigner. It starts raining at 10 p.m. and most of them stand next to buildings in order to not get wet.

2014 were amazing year and for the first time in my life I made a few News Years resolutions. Three days in Kovallam beach slips like a moment and we have to come back to our ugly duckling – Hyderabad. Kerala was amazing, I wish I could stay longer.

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