Montenegro: hitchhiking, sleeping in the cemetery and dozens of tourists


We woke up in the morning next to a lake in Serbia, swam, had breakfast and headed to the road. It was time to say goodbye to Serbia and explore Montenegro. So we randomly picked Žabljak, a little town next to Durmitor national park as our next destination and agreed to meet in the post office. This time we switched teams and I was hitchhiking with Rasa. 

Closer we got to the border, more and more mountains appeared from all sides. One driver played a joke, when God was creating the world – some mountains left and he placed them all in Montenegro and Albania. That seems like a compelling idea as the scenery was really spectacular.

Montenegro greeted us with heavy rain, the cars were even stopping aside as you couldn‘t see anything. We had lunch next to Đurđevića Tara Bridge, which is one of the biggest vehicular arch bridges in Europe. The rain stopped for a while and we started to hitchhike, but soon the shower started all over again and nobody picked us. We lost a lot of time and reached Žabljak two or three hours after the first team. But still I had a great time!

2015-08-06 16.27.27

Žabljak appeared to be not some little, unknown town, but a place full with tourists and hotels. That wasn‘t very pleasant discovery. I and Arnel faced another problem: we couldn‘t find where to exchange our Croatian kunas. So for the last days we were soaking money from Rasa and Gintarė.

While other guys were waiting for me and Rasa, they did a good research and found a nice mountain to sleep. This was the most beautiful place we have parked our tent during this trip.

DSC_5592 DSCN0081

Next day we swam in the Black lake, said Goodbye to Barbara and came back to sleep on the mountain. Our tent isn‘t very big, actually it‘s really tiny for four people, but warm though. That was important for me as we shared three sleeping bags, because I didn‘t have one.

DSC_5504 DSC_5523

And the day has come for our amazing team to split up. Group photo in the bus station (the only one we have), last hugs and me with Arnel took a bus to Kotor, while Gintarė and Rasa started their long journey to Lithuania.

When we arrived to Kotor it was already dark, but very muggy. There was some festival happening in the city centre and from the very first moments I found this place annoying. As we were thirsty we grabbed some mineral water in the old town which cost 3 Euros per bottle. That was most expensive mineral water I ever had. Funny thing that official currency of Montenegro is Euro. They decided to take over Euro after country declared independence in 2006. One guy in the bank was demanding for Montenegrian money as he couldn’t believe that Euro is the official currency.

We were tired, it was around 11 p.m. so after quick search we entered local cemetery and find it to be a cozy place to sleep. Arnel slept between the graves, while I was sleeping literally on the grave. It was the second time in my life that I slept in the cemetery. 6:15 in the morning some lady came to take care after her graves, so we had to get out there.

2015-08-09 06.23.11

The oldtown of Kotor is surrounded by walls, it’s like a city in the city. Streets are narrow with buildings made from stone and it’s the best place to walk then it’s so hot. The town is really impressive, but there were a lot of people and as it is quite small it feels very crowded. We also visited fortress in Kotor, which offers impressive scenery of the bay. The guy at the ticket office, asked Arnel where is he from and let us in for free, then found out that he is from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Most of that day we spent hanging around the city and hunting Wi-fi. It was weekend so we couldn’t exchange our kunas once again and had to buy some cheapest tuna, bread and cheese. This time we found a place to sleep near some church, placed a tent and had our simple dinner.

Next day we finally managed to exchange money, I took the first bus going to Croatia, Arnel went home to Bosnia and Herzegovina and I was finally alone.

To be continued…