My sweet 26

DSC_0071So it happened – I turned 26. Every year at this time I am infested with some existential thoughts about my life and where I am heading to. Guess, that’s not a big surprise for a guy who graduated in philosophy.

My birthdays usually are not a big deal, because I am not that kind of person, who likes parties with plenty of people. This year it was only two of us. Aistė gave me a nice birthday cake with a note „Road is endless“. After school we went to KFC and then we came back home and watched „Sister act“ and „Hocus pocus“. It may sound boring, but I like oldschool comedies and these kind of days then you are just doing nothing.

I realized that in four years I‘ll be in my thirties and I am not feeling exited about this at all. If at the age of sixteen I would have known that after ten years I‘ll be teaching in India, would I be satisfied with this kind of perspective? I believe yes. Partly because I was a rebel at that time also I was dreaming about remote countries for so many years. Or maybe because I was quite stupid in my young days. However, I am not saying that I am not stupid now.

Few days ago I read some old articles, that I wrote two years ago. They were terrible and I was ashamed of myself as my speech was rustic and the notions were very primitive. Unfortunately, I think the same way about my blog posts. I wonder if there will be a day then I will say „yes, this is a good one“. I have a theory that I am getting mature very slowly. In my university years I was just a teenager, who did and wrote a lot of shit. I believe I am becoming smarter only now (I hope so!).

I used to travel in summers so this is my first birthday abroad. November was usually a month when I had to stay in my country, because of studies or work. At this time of the year sometimes it’s very cold and depressing in Lithuania. It’s totally different here. It‘s my first birthday with 30 degrees outside. I see the sun and I am happy. Happy birthday to me!