My travels in 2014

DSC_0601As the year is going to an end, it’s time to sum up what happened to me during those 365 days. In 2014 I reached a breaking point: I understood what I want to do and where I want to be. It didn’t happened in one day – I spent many hours of contemplating whether I should seek for career and be like everybody else or try to live life as I feel that it should be lived – by traveling. In June I born once again as a person.

Camino de Santiago

After one and a half year in an office, walking the Camino was a big miracle. It was hard, challenging and exhausting though I will never forget those 30 days. Hard sun, forests, fields, cities, roads, pain, people, joy – everything was remarkable. I don’t know if I ever come back to Spain, but I am looking forward to walk more. I can proudly say that I walked 500 miles (as in the song), but this is not the limit for me. My goal now is to spend at least 3 months on foot.

Volunteering in an organic farm and exploring Portugal

This wasn’t so exiting as Camino de Santiago even though I wanted to try something like this for a long time. I enjoyed working with animals and it would be great to work or volunteer in some farm again. Life is much more interesting when you are spending it outdoors. Also, we travelled to Porto, Evora, Lisboa and Sintra. I will always remember those late dinners at 10 p.m. with our new Portuguese friends. I hope to come back there some day.



10 Lithuanians – 1 mountain and those damn 278 metres. Although our summit attempt wasn’t successful and we had to turn back when we were so close, it was an extraordinary experience. Before that I was in Tatra, Alps, Pyrenees, but Caucasus was my highest mountain range so far. I spend a lot of time reading about climbing, watching videos and pictures. I don’t know why, but there is something special about mountains that attracts me badly. I still remember the night of summit attempt: snow, wind, little lights moving one after another and thin air. Sometimes I find myself thinking what I am doing down here when I should be up there.



India is still an ongoing stage of my travelling. When we came here everything was so shocking: people stared at us, we didn’t know how to cross the street, we had only a mug and a bucket instead of shower and our school was more than terrible. I can’t say that now I am used to everything but I am not wondering anymore and just accepting things as they are. India (actually Hyderabad) is very polluted and chaotic country (city) with unreasonable people and I can’t say that I like living here. Anyway, I want to survive Hyderabad, especially when we changed schools and things are much better now. I hope that when we will start travelling I will finally discover the nice things this country has to suggest.