Short run in Croatia


I caught a bus from Kotor to Dubrovnik, where I found dozens of hotels, people, cars and  immediately decided not to stay there. So I bought a ticket to Split, even though I wasn‘t sure, if it‘s a better option.    

As I was swimming in the rivers and lakes for the last six days, the time has come to have a proper shower – so I started to search for a hostel. I visited few, but none of them had vacancy. I was already picturing myself sleeping in some park, then a receptionist in one hostel said that she knows a place for me and draw the way in the map. 20 min. by foot and I’m in the right place, but I don’t see anything. I try to call, but somehow my phone doesn’t like Croatian numbers, so I text, thinking at the same time, how stupid is to text for a hostel. Surprisingly, few moments later a girl comes and takes me to the „hostel“. Actually, it‘s not a legal hostel, but rather a big flat. All the people, ended up here just like me – some hostel didn‘t have vacancy and send them to this flat. Probably, they split the share.

I met few people that were living here for a few days already, they got drunk and partied every evening – not the best company for me, even though they were quite friendly. They invited me to join them for the night out in the city, but I politely refused.

Next day, I took a walking tour around Split. Funny thing is that only two other people participated in the tour. Split has a really nice oldtown surrounded by big walls. That‘s a Diocletian‘s palace built in 4th century AD and it’s more a huge fortress than a palace.

DSCN0113 DSCN0116

I spent two days in Split and as always I didn’t have an idea what to do next. I wrote to Arnel, does he knows any nice place that has a river on the way to Zagreb. So that’s how after few hours in a local train I ended up in Karlovac. The town was so empty with only few local people in the streets. I walked around and found Karlovac to be a cosy place to live with lots of parks and greenery. Most of my day I spend next to the river, where I placed my tent in the evening. The night was cold, I was shivering in the morning as I didn’t have a sleeping bag.


Next morning I took a train to Zagreb, where I was hosted by Jura, a guy I’ve met in Latinovac. As he was working, we didn’t have much time to spend together, so I explored the city alone most of the time. Compared with Split or Dubrovnik, Zagreb was empty as many people were on the seaside. If I’m counting well, Zagreb was the 13th capital I’ve visited. I’m not the fan of capitals or any other big cities, actually, but I really liked Zagreb.

Guess, who came to Zagreb the next day? Arnel decided to join me as after Zagreb I was heading home. So we spent two more days in the city. As I already saw the city centre, we decided to search for some places that both of us haven’t been before. As you probably know from my last post, we have a significant interest in cemeteries and decided to visit Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb, which was one of the most beautiful that I’ve ever been.

DSCN0133 DSCN0140 DSCN0143 DSCN0146

We had to catch a train home early in the morning, but waited in the wrong platform and saw it already passing. I was swearing inside a lot, but soon we caught another train and we didn’t even have to buy the new ticket. That’s not the end of the story. Our train hit a man and waited for two hours while police were doing the enquiry of the accident. First, we missed the train, now – this. I started to think that this is some kind of a sign.

May as it be, after 16 days of travelling I have finally reached my beloved village Latinovac. It was so weird to be here, but I felt that I missed it a lot.