Singing and playing in the kindergarten

DSC_0476Every Wednesday we are going to another branch of our school – Kindergarten. It divides our week in two parts, which I like because then time passes faster.

Before coming to India I didn‘t had any experience of working with children, especially from 3 to 6 years old. When we first went to the Kindergarten some of the kids were very shy. I tried to communicate with them but they were not responding and It was very awkward. Luckily there always are some easy going children in every class, so me and Aistė started building a relationship with them first. It requires a lot of patience but every time we go there, kids feel much moren comfortable around us.


Children in this Kindergarten are also learning a lot of stuff that we were learning only in a primary school: reading, numbers, letters etc. Sometimes we help them with that and then it‘s really easy because we don‘t need to prepare anything, just to follow their books. English is not their mother-tongue language but despite that you can communicate with them quite well. All the lessons are hold in English, so they are used to it.


Sometimes we just play with them, sing songs or teach some rhymes. I was surprised how many rhymes there are for children. I like this activity the most:

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!’.

There are some kids who just come and give you a hug or want that I would take them into my hands. Especially, they like when I just lift them up to the ceiling and down. Each time I came to the same class one guy runs straight to me and asks „Up“. And they are not so light as I thought at first.


There were few times that we tried to teach them some games and they didn‘t understand us. It‘s not a big surprise as we don‘t have any experience working with little kids and we are not always sure what they are capable of at certain age.

Kindergarten works only a half of the day, that means at 12:30 we are free. Usually, Kindergarten staff helps us to take an auto rickshaw and to bargain a decent price as they are always overpricing us. Although working in there requires more energy and attention, I it. Singing and showing some moves so that kids could participate together is not an easy task. After those few hours with little ones I am usually more tired, than after a day of working in school.