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2015 year in review: from India to Croatia and beyond


A year ago, during Christmas time, I was having a long, bumpy ride to Kerala. I rode an elephant, swam in the Arabic sea and used to start my mornings with a cup of chai. As I‘m writing this post, I sit in my childhood room back in Lithuania, the sky is grey, it‘s raining and cold outside. What a contrast! The days are running like crazy to the end and it‘s time to sum up what happened to me in 2015. I spent 9 out of 12 months abroad and added 6 new countries to my travel list.         Continue reading

Volunteering in a refugee camp. Vol. 2.

2015-12-02 08.12.20

After a short break, I came back to the refugee camp in Slavonski Brod for the second time. Some crucial changes were made since my last visit: the asylum seekers now didn‘t spend any time in the camp, after the registration they were lead straight to the buses and sent away. That means no time for resting and less opportunities to deliver clothes for them. What remained the same is uncertainty – many people didn‘t even know, where exactly are they as nobody informed them.      Continue reading

EVS in Croatia – final remarks


I ended up in Latinovac by accident: I was already looking for volunteering opportunities in the Balkans and wanted to leave Lithuania as soon as possible, then one day I jumped into an advertisement on Facebook that brought me to Croatia. Now after 5 months my EVS is over and I’m trying to answer myself a question, what did I learn there.   Continue reading