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The mysterious neighbour from the East: a short escape to Belarus


Belarus is often called „the last dictatorship in Europe“. The image of this country is surrounded by dozens of prejudices and the media always shows it in the negative light. Violations of the rights to freedom of speech, poverty and a president who is in the office since 1994 doesn’t sound very tempting to me as well. But still, it’s the neighbour of Lithuania with whom we have the longest border. So me and Viktorija headed to Belarus to create our own opinion.  Continue reading

2015 year in review: from India to Croatia and beyond


A year ago, during Christmas time, I was having a long, bumpy ride to Kerala. I rode an elephant, swam in the Arabic sea and used to start my mornings with a cup of chai. As I‘m writing this post, I sit in my childhood room back in Lithuania, the sky is grey, it‘s raining and cold outside. What a contrast! The days are running like crazy to the end and it‘s time to sum up what happened to me in 2015. I spent 9 out of 12 months abroad and added 6 new countries to my travel list.         Continue reading

Kerala (I): Christmas trip to Kochi

DSC_0696Christmas is all about being with my family and friends – and a little bit about all that delicious food. However, this year was totally different. I was with 7 other foreigners in an 18-hour-drive-bus to Kerala. Worth to mention that my Christmas dinner was a banana, potato chips and almost no liquids as our bus hardly ever stopped for bathroom breaks. But let’s start from the beginning… Continue reading