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Montenegro: hitchhiking, sleeping in the cemetery and dozens of tourists


We woke up in the morning next to a lake in Serbia, swam, had breakfast and headed to the road. It was time to say goodbye to Serbia and explore Montenegro. So we randomly picked Žabljak, a little town next to Durmitor national park as our next destination and agreed to meet in the post office. This time we switched teams and I was hitchhiking with Rasa.  Continue reading

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Part 1.

DSC_0047Day 1

The day started with 7 hours bumpy ride to Besisahar. It was raining all the time and I didn’t feel enthusiastic to start trekking. Himalaya struck with beauty from the very first kilometres. We passed some locals villages with cows, goats and chickens wandering in the streets. The people there live very simple lives, though I admire their lifestyle. I wonder how they ended up on the slopes of some mountain and their ancestors decided to move here. Continue reading