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My Top 3 travel destinations in India


What I like the most about India is that every place is so different. India has a lot of issues and many people come back from this country swearing inside that they will never do it again. I had plenty of bad emotions there as well, but apart from that India is very rich in culture, history, nature and it is definitely worth to visit. Here‘s my Top 3 places I liked the most. Continue reading

Hiking in Rishikesh

It’s been five months since I’m in India and I find myself thinking more and more about home. What I miss the most is being invisible, being able just to walk down the street without thousands of curious eyes watching me. I am tired of chaos, noise and pollution in Indian streets. I miss proper order, cleanliness and freedom. As soon as you cross the threshold of the street – you can never be relaxed. That’s the kind of life is in here.  Continue reading