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Is my quater-life crisis over?


Back in 2014, I was a complete mess: I didn’t have any clue, what to do with my life, what are my goals and where I am heading. I was biting the bullet from Monday to Friday in a job that I wasn’t even remotely interested in. Travelling seemed as a good way to escape from this reality and start something new. So I did.       Continue reading

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Part 1.

DSC_0047Day 1

The day started with 7 hours bumpy ride to Besisahar. It was raining all the time and I didn’t feel enthusiastic to start trekking. Himalaya struck with beauty from the very first kilometres. We passed some locals villages with cows, goats and chickens wandering in the streets. The people there live very simple lives, though I admire their lifestyle. I wonder how they ended up on the slopes of some mountain and their ancestors decided to move here. Continue reading

Auroville – a community for peace and harmony in the middle of Indian chaos

DSC_0997Utopian communities were extremely popular in XIX c., when people wanted to create a better world – free from social stratification, injustice and restrictions. However, most of them didn‘t last more than a few years.

Auroville, established in 1968 is a place where people from all over the world come to live, volunteer or just visit. The main values of this community is equality, diversity of all religions, nations, and peace. There are about 2500 people who can call themselves as Aurovillians, also you can find a lot of local Indians working here, international volunteers and tourists. Continue reading

Kerala (I): Christmas trip to Kochi

DSC_0696Christmas is all about being with my family and friends – and a little bit about all that delicious food. However, this year was totally different. I was with 7 other foreigners in an 18-hour-drive-bus to Kerala. Worth to mention that my Christmas dinner was a banana, potato chips and almost no liquids as our bus hardly ever stopped for bathroom breaks. But let’s start from the beginning… Continue reading