Trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Part 2.

DSC_0082Day 5

I was astonished to know, that restaurants on Annapurna Circuit, first serve the food to the foreigners and only then to Nepalese guides and porters. „That‘s because you have dollars“, – kindly smiles one old Nepalese.

Today is a very strange day, because we were walking for only 1,5 hours. We met a lot of people, who were descending and told that after Chame there is too much snow and avalanches.

It’s still early morning and we are already in the lodge, where we met few people from the past days. Feels like a meeting of an old gang. While in the morning sun is shining in the open sky, after lunch it starts to rain and snow.

Evening is the same as always, sitting next to the fire with other travellers and getting to know people from all over the world. All of us have the same goal.

Day 6

The snow started at 3000 m. At first it was just a few drops, but very soon we were splashing our way through the snowdrifts. We saw some big avalanches on the other side of the river and had to pass few of them on our side also.

DSC_0114 DSC_0133

We started walking with a Dutch guy Daniel, but soon we had a supplement with a Chinese, who didn’t speak any English.

The views are spectacular – everything above snow level is simply amazing. Our lodge is located on the slope of the mountains and we can see a beautiful scenery from its balcony. I could die here. My boots are soaked and I really hope, that they will dry till the morning. While it is sunny during the day, it is cold after sunrise and I don’t want to move anywhere from the stove.

Day 7

It’s so cold to get out of the bed in the morning, brush my teeth, pack all the stuff and start walking. But when I’m on the trail everything is perfect. As always, Nepalese are hanging around with flip-flops and that’s a bit funny, since they are wearing thick jackets.

Snow, snow, snow everywhere. Soon my boots are soaked. While walking I fell down a lot of times. After 3 hours of hiking we stop for a rest and then continue walking. The weather is getting worse, the wind is up and we are rushing to reach Manang. Not to mention, that my back is killing me today.


Manang is all covered with snow, sometimes the snowdrifts are up till the second floor of the houses. And it’s still snowing. Probably, today I clearly understood, that this our final destination in this trek. There is too much snow and it’s too risky to go up.

Day 8

Rest day. As always, the first part of the day is sunny and the second one is windy and cold. My boots are still wet, so I haven’t been outside the hotel and instead of that, spend all the day reading ‘Sharp objects’ by Gillian Flynn. It’s a bit pity, that we are all alone in our hotel, I feel the need to communicate with other people. There is a guy from China, who came with us, but as I mentioned before he don’t speak English.

I had a dream, that after my travels I finally came back home and it was such a strange feeling to enter my house.

The family that looks after the hotel is wearing dirty clothes and while serving the food I’m disgusted with their sloppy hands. In Nepal, as in India, it’s better not to think about hygiene.

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