Wandering in Serbia

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After one month in Latinovac, a time has come to explore the Balcans more. My plan was to travel alone and I was even looking for an accommodation on Couchsurfing, but everything changed over a night and I was heading to Serbia with Arnel, Rasa and Gintarė.      

If you would ask any Lithuanian, what does he know about Serbia – probably many would mention that it is a country that knows how to play basketball. Similar story with me. But this post is not about that. Our first stop in Serbia was Novi Sad. We probably looked like a bunch of gypsies with loads of stuff and even a guitar wandering around the town. We spend some time in Petrovaradin fortress in the evening that offers a nice panoramic view. Not far from the fortress with placed a tent and went to sleep.

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Lunch time in Novi Sad

Lunch time in Novi Sad

Next morning we took a train to Belgrade. It‘s easy to observe that socialists were here: bulky buildings, wide streets and huge squares. They had style. All my travel buddies visited Belgrade last year, so one of the places that none of us have been before was Nikola Tesla museum. It wasn‘t very interesting, but as I‘m unrevealed geek, I enjoyed being there. You can also find this guy on 100 dinars banknote. Also we took a free walking tour around the city. As we didn’t want to sleep in the tent second night in a row, we rented an apartment. Shower, kitchen and even a computer – not bad as for 6 Euros.


City centre was guarded by transformers

City centre was guarded by transformers

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Belgrade fortress

Belgrade fortress

That’s where our plan ended and we didn’t have an idea where should we head next. Our host recommended to visit Trumpet festival which is well known in Balcans. Why not. A few hours bumpy ride with two buses and we ended up in Guča.

“Do you want to sleep in my garden?” – asked a random girl in the street. In half an hour we parked our tent in her back yard and paid few Euros for our camping ground. It was the first day out of seven in the festival, so there weren’t many people. The festival was happening all around the village, the music was in the air on every corner and a lot of musicians just wandered playing in the streets. Trumpet music reminds me Kusturica’s movies and I like it very much.

Next evening there were much more people and the festival became a drinking fiesta. Not the best place for me though, but apart from that the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. In Serbia I discovered local burgers called pljeskavica. The meat was really good and one could put as much vegetables as he want, so me and Arnel were eating pljeskavica for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After two days in Guča we decided to move further. Where? Maybe, to some lake. We randomly picked a lake in the Southern Serbia on the map, divided into pairs and started to hitchhike. Okey, I’m lying a bit – not into pairs. A French girl Barbara that we met in Guča decided to join us, so I was hitchhiking with her and Gintarė, while Arnel with Rasa.


I can’t say that this was a very successful hitchhike as sometimes we had to wait a lot and it was hot as hell. But how can you be in a bad mood when travelling with two girls. It took three cars to reach the lake. After half an hour arrived Arnel and Rasa. “Losers” – I greeted them enjoying the victory of my team.

We swam in the lake, placed a tent nearby and had a dinner. I was lying on the grass under the night sky full with stars, while Gintarė played guitar. At these kind of moments, everything seems so right in this world.

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To be continued…

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